1st January 2019

Dundas London meets John Llewelyn

“Dundas London is the male version of Romeo Gigli – light, easy-going, refined and elegant. Beautifully cut and allowing the fabric to do more of the work than the design” John Llewelyn, fashion designer

John Llewelyn is the man behind the elegant cut and fit of the Dundas shirt. He joined the Dundas team on their quest to design the perfect men’s casual shirt. We wanted to share with you some of John’s tips for tailoring the perfect casual shirt and how he got to this point in his career.

Having spent his entire career as a designer, he made the move to tailoring in 2010. Leaving his job as a designer at White Stuff he went to Berwick Street to re-train as a tailor. Fast-forward 2 years and John was offered a commission creating 17 garments for a BBC television presenter, this kick started his career in tailoring.

John creates designs that have the wow factor. He takes an idea and executes it in an excellent way. He says, “the aim is to show off the idea in its best format and be the best at bringing to life that idea”. Drawing the idea on a piece of paper is just the beginning.

Johns says the key to a casual shirt is how you cut the pattern – movement is very important and also the fit across the shoulders. If the armholes, sleeves and shoulders fit properly the rest of the shirt will hang elegantly. For Dundas London we wanted to create a semi-structured shirt, so John spent time tinkering on the silhouette, bringing it in slightly and curving the waist so it gracefully skimmed the body and still allowed for plenty of movement.

The amount of work that goes into perfectly shaping a collar or a sleeve is unexpected. The Dundas collar sits properly and cleanly on the shirt and around the neck. The thin band at the back and the Italian point on the front means it delicately sits on the collarbone but also has style. The collar is considered.

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