25th June 2020

Dundas Stripe

Striped garments have been around for hundreds of years and stripes are one of the oldest cloth patterns. Striped cloth is one of the earliest extant examples of woven textiles and must have arisen as a natural consequence of the color variability of woollen yarns.


(Courtesy of the Draper Company)

Showing the primitive construction of the loom used before the power loom.

In the 18th century striped cloth entered the repertoire of ordinary European fashionable clothing. It was acquired for sporting or leisure wear; this partly thanks to our very own Queen Victoria for introducing stripes to the upper classes and opened it up into the world of fashion. Interest was sparked when the queen dressed her son in a sailor suit during a Royal Yacht boarding event,  which decades later translated into the stripe fashion becoming mainstream. The association between striped shirts and luxury travel became apparent when leisure time became an official concept in 1936, with the introduction of paid holidays.

Painting of Queen Victoria’s Son, King Edward VII, sporting his sailor suit. Signed and dated 1846.

We also have Coco Chanel to thank for the rise in striped fashion. It was during a visit to the coast that the fashion designer came across it and was inspired by the workers’ uniform during her trip to the French Rivera. She started to apply the “Navy and White Stripes” into her designs and then in the ’50s, movie stars were seen wearing striped shirts through the media.

Sean Connery in blue striped poplin shirt 1965.

And now if we jump forward into the strange year of 2020 – we, Dundas London, thought it was about time we provided the people with the highest quality linen shirt in this timeless, classic print. And with that we’d like to introduce you to Dundas Stripe - In the style of our Classic Shirts, Dundas Stripe is subtly tapered with an easy-going fit which allows for plenty of movement whilst maintaining a clear silhouette. Perfect for days out on the boat, summer dinner parties or just days in the garden. 

And finally to top it all off, stripes are known to carry connotations of boldness and daring, a willingness to test the boundaries, – so we feel confident that Dundas Stripe will feel right at home. Order yours here.

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