Dundas Man - Levison Wood

‘Walking with Elephants’ sees British Army Officer, explorer and linen lover, Major Levison Wood face his biggest challenge yet. Along with his guide Kane, Levison takes on the route taken by the male elephants through the vast salt pans of the Makgadikgadi through to the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
Not only has this passion project of Levison's transpired into a Channel 4 TV show, but also a best selling book ‘The Last Giants: Walking With Elephants’. This project sparked from Levison’s long standing interest and work with conservation work in Africa and his love for elephants. He says “doing this journey through Botswana was one part of it, but part of a wider interest really for me, in Africa in general but particularly the African elephants.” What better way investigate the subject a bit more than getting up close and personal with the giants themselves.

Levison Wood seen wearing the Dundas Safari Camel on Channel 4's Walking with Elephants.


The Channel 4 documentary all had to be filmed within a month and took a camera crew, an armed ranger and lots of local knowledge to help Levison complete the journey through Botswana ­unharmed. While on route Levison and the team encountered many high adrenaline moments - Levison shares that he found himself in a particularly ­“terrifying” position when he was caught ­between some lions and their dinner. 

The walk each day would start before sunrise, Levison explains that it was a case of waking, walking and being ready to encounter whatever may come their way. “Sometimes it was crossing hippo ponds or following tracks and trails of different animals and when it came to 4pm, we’d set up camp wherever we were.” As a well travelled explorer, it was quite something to hear that the salt pans in the Kalahari Desert were one of the most spectacular places Levison ever camped.

The biggest threat for elephants in Africa, along with poaching, is loss of habitat due to human ­overpopulation and agricultural land encroaching on to wilderness areas. Levison comments “It’s not the only one but the ­demand from China and the Far East needs to be stopped. You’ve got to stop it at the source.”

Levison Wood in Botswana wearing Dundas Safari Camel

 This is just one of Levison’s multiple great adventures and challenges and millions have been glued to his epic walking ­expedition documentaries across Asia, Africa and Central America. Levison has walked the length of the Nile, crossed the Himalayas, circum­navigated 5,000 miles of the Arabian Peninsula, and avoided drug smugglers in South America’s notorious Darien Gap. Among all this he shares that his closest call was six years ago when he plummeted more than 150 yards down a Nepalese mountainside after his car’s brakes failed. 

One item that will always be found in Levison’s backpack is a Dundas London linen shirt. Not only are they perfect for keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, but Levison is a big believer in the importance of having at least one item of ‘presentable’ clothing and says “In my case it’s a linen shirt” followed by sharing a rather amusing story of being asked to go and meet the Dalai Lama, and thought, ‘I can’t show up to the Dalai Lama in rags’! 

Dundas London will always have Levison’s back - Levison can be seen wearing a Dundas Safari Shirt in Walking with Elephants. For every Dundas Safari shirt sold we are donating a portion to The Grumeti Fund to help with their invaluable conservation work.