DUNDAS MAN - Robbie Honey

Dundas London meets Botanical Adventurer Robbie Honey 


“As a man who wears Linen all year round Dundas London shirts are a staple in my wardrobe, crisply ironed or pulled out of a rucksack they wear well.” - Robbie Honey, Dundas Man

Robbie Honey has immersed himself in botanical pursuits ever since he was a young boy roaming the wild grasslands of Zimbabwe. These adventures developed his keen visual olfactory senses and instilled in him a lifelong fascination with flowers and their scents.

Aged 17, he was studying horticulture while working in the floriculture trade in Holland and Kenya. Furthering his creativity, Robbie went on to study interior design and photography in Cape Town. Robbie then moved to London where he trained with floral designer Ming Veevers Carter and gained a thorough grounding in event floristry.

Robbie established a name for himself working for brands such as Dior, Hermes and Armani. He started lecturing around the world on floristry and writing for the Wall Street Journal.