Here at Dundas London we make shirts for the day-to-day, the extraordinary and everything in between. Our shirts are not just for those who spend their weekends tackling Mount Kilimanjaro or spearfishing in Indonesia, but also for those who do amazing things in the everyday.

Andy sporting Dundas Cornflower here
One of our amazing customers, Andy Henderson, and his team at Here (Care Unbound) are responsible for setting up one of the largest vaccine centre in Brighton. Playing their part in the roll out of the covid-19 vaccination programme and saving lives through doing so. As well as this, Andy spent the first few weeks of the March 2020 lockdown, project managing one of the first drive-in “Hot Sites”, where patients with COVID-19 could be seen by a GP regarding their underlying condition.

Their work was recognised and congratulated by a journalist who recently attended the vaccination site to get their vaccine and was amazed by the execution of the vaccine roll out at the Brighton Racecourse site. She wrote "Brighton vaccine centre is so well run... I JUST had to write and compliment whoever planned and carried out the Brighton Racecourse as a vaccine centre."

Read the article here.

Andy also acted as the photographer of the vaccine site, capturing and documenting the sacrificial work of the work of the clinical, admin staff and volunteers who are helping to protect our most vulnerable at this time. Here are a few of his images… 

We are truly grateful to Andy, his team and everyone else who is working towards keeping us safe and helping us return to a more normal looking world. We are honoured to have customers who get up to extraordinary things both in their field and on the field.