What makes Dundas London Brushed Cotton the perfect shirt and discover the origins of Black Watch tartan

This autumn we officially launch the Dundas London Brushed Cotton range. A beautifully cut casual shirt, that will see you traverse effortlessly into winter.


At Dundas London we aim to bring you the best in casual shirting, by carefully considering all aspects of the shirt. The cut is subtly tapered to allow for plenty of movement, whilst maintaining its classically tailored form. The fabric is the highest quality hand-picked British cotton from Bournemouth. It is incredibly soft to the touch and will last for years. Of course we have included our trademark Dundas London ivory buttons and the flamingo logo on the placket. The collar is fused to strengthen it and maintain its shape. The cuff is rounded, with a single button.

We have launched this new range in Black Watch tartan – an idiosyncratic arrangement of thin black lines separating deep hues of green and blue.

Having done some research into the origins of the Scottish tartan, we would like to share our wisdom with you. Black Watch tartan was the uniform of the 43rd Royal Highland Regiment, commonly known as the Black Watch, deployed by George II to patrol areas of the Highlands against smuggling, blackmail and cattle rustling. The name was such due to the dark appearance of the Watch’s tartan uniform and also their role of keeping ‘watch’. In 1725 when the tartan was introduced it was distinct from all others and represented a group of local men who were respected and trusted members of society. In the mid 19th Century the Black Watch regiment was sent to Crimea, under the command of Sir Colin Campbell. Fighting in the heat and the dust, the dark uniform was too hot, so subsequently the colours were lightened and became the pattern we know today. Over time the Black Watch tartan became commonly known as the Government Tartan, and tradition has it that those who have no tartan of their own can wear the Black Watch.

This shirt will see you through the autumn and winter in town or country. Buy yours now, wear it and love it.