Happy 2017 friends of Dundas

Dundas London would like to thank everyone for their continued support in 2016. Sorry we are so low on stock at the moment, please be patient and watch this space for new exciting colours and styles arriving in the next couple of weeks in time for Spring 2017. They’re worth the wait!

2016 was a bumper year for Dundas London. The introduction of Cowes Week into our summer sales was an absolute blast, it saw whole crews being adorned in Dundas shirts. In case you missed us, we will be making a return appearance in 2017. Huge thanks to Emma Stevens and her wonderful shop Joli of Cowes, without her none of it would have been possible. Also thanks to Bobby Melville (Jamie’s brother) who kitted his many ushers out in Dundas London for his fabulous Italian wedding. Most elegant ushers we ever did see. Of course a highlight was Prince Harry being featured in the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List wearing his Dundas shirt, as well as making various other public appearances sporting Dundas. Other celebrity fire-starters loving the linen in 2016 are Woody Harrelson and Bear Grylls. Watch out for them wearing their shirts!

2017 is lining up to be better than ever. There will be a summer pop-up in Chelsea in May/June, we’ll be returning to Cowes Week and adding more Christmas fairs into our calendar than ever before. Our website it getting a mini facelift in order to accommodate the new Nehru linen shirts and the additional colours in our Classic range which are joining the team. More colours are being added to the Brushed Cotton collection, which are already being preordered, do get in touch if you would like more information.

All that’s left to say is hang on tight and wait for the sun to come out so you can all get back into those linen shirts.


Leo & Jamie