Levison Wood – From Russia to Iran Crossing the Wild Frontier

Levison Wood is the ultimate action man, a British Soldier in the Parachute Regiment turned explorer. He has become well-known for his causal brushes with death while on expeditions in war-torn countries, jungles and deserts. These adventures have been turned into a thrilling three part on Channel 4; Walking the Nile, Walking the Himalayas, and Walking the Americas.

On Sunday 20th August Levison’s latest Channel 4 documentary From Russia to Iran – Crossing the Wild Frontiers airs. It documents his expedition from southern Russia following the spine of the Caucasus mountains towards Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and into Iran. Levison travels and lives with locals as he discovers the snow-capped mountains, volcanic deserts and a land ravaged by years of war.

We are thrilled to see Levison sporting his Dundas White throughout the series. An excellent choice of colour for dust and volcanic lava we think!!

Get the look.. Dundas White!