Dundas London featured in HELLO!

Sky Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao and her husband Eduardo, photographed in HELLO! at an idyllic coastal hideaway on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Eduardo is wearing the Dundas Cornflower

Dundas London customer survey

At Dundas London we are always trying to improve and grow. If you have 2 minutes please help us complete this short survey. Thank you! Leonora

The Dundas London Flamingo

The word “flamingo” comes from the Latin word flamenco which means fire and refers to the bright colour of the birds’ feathers. At Dundas London we love bright and vibrant colours, hence our fascination with Flamingos. Have you noticed the

Happy Customer Reviews

At Dundas London we don’t often blow our own trumpet, but in the last few years we have received some great feedback from our customers and we don’t want to keep it to ourselves. Have a gander.. “Dundas London are

A Casual Revolution – Dressing Down in Dundas

Smart casual and dressed up yet down, are these not the most ridiculous dress codes you have ever heard? We are teetering on the verge of fashion revolution, it is no longer just Dressed Down Fridays, but a new age

Dundas London X Tusk

Dundas London is proud to be supporting the work of Tusk. For almost thirty years, Tusk has supported forward-thinking and successful conservation work in Africa. Under the patronage of HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Tusk partner with Africa’s leading and emerging conservationists to

FLAX – the plant that benefits the planet

The linen shirt – a surprisingly rare item in a man’s wardrobe. In part, this is due to its higher cost compared to cotton, but also because linen polarises opinion due to its propensity to crease. Here we look at what this

Dundas London’s debut album cover

DELTA by MUMFORD & SONS Featuring Dundas London

All New Dundas Safari

Introducing the all new Dundas Safari