Black Friday 2021

Whilst Black Friday Weekend is great in lots of ways, it’s also quite harmful in others. Let us help you buy once, but buy better.
Black Friday Weekend comes with great discounts on items you’ve had your eye on for a while as well as the opportunity to save money on Christmas presents, but it also comes with an undertone of excess and a lack of consideration for sustainability. We are not going to tell anyone what or when they can and can’t buy, however we want to encourage you to consider the quality over quantity mantra - buy less but on better quality and more sustainable products.

We are a British brand who makes premium quality shirts using sustainably sourced materials. By buying from us you are supporting British business, you are considering sustainability and the environment and of course you are receiving an item that is of high quality and will last a good long time (don’t forget our Classic Linens get better with age as well!). With our special BFW discount, you will be able to get that shirt you’ve had your eye on for a while at a much better price - so it’s a win-win!

We are offering a 30% discount on our shirts site wide during the Black Friday Weekend. Shop well but shop better.