Discover in Dundas - Stockholm

At Dundas London we are always looking for new influences and places to explore. So keeping true to our adventurous nature, we are discovering new places we love right now. In this month's ‘Discover’ blog, we give you a snapshot of glorious Stockholm.

Stockholm is a visually stunning city, both in its location - spread across 14 islands with the neighbourhoods often defined by water- and because of how it's designed. The public spaces are cinematic perfection; most people look like they could be fashion social media influencers on any given day (and some may well actually live off these platforms). Even coffee shops have perfect lighting and enviable furnishings!

Visitors to the city are sure to find their perfect spot. The food, thanks in part to recent immigrant cultures and a dedication towards using hyperlocal ingredients while maintaining sustainability standards; combined with beautiful shop fronts that double as design spaces make this an absolute must-see destination for anyone looking forward to seeing what's new on offer outside of typical tourist attractions like museums or historical sites! There isn't any shortage either when it comes to green spaces - people can be found enjoying these throughout all parts of town so there'll always be something close at hand no matter where you go which means endless possibilities await those who visit.

The old town's main square is the precinct's cobblestone heart. It's lined with cafes in colourful historic buildings with elaborate rooflines and decorative facades. The fountain,  marking the official centre of the town, dates back to 1778 but a well has stood here since the Middle Ages. Here you’ll find the Nobel Museum, which gives you a history of the coveted prize and is housed in the neoclassical former Stock Exchange building, built in the 1770s.

The Vasa Museum is one place every Stockholmer will recommend to visitors and it's easy to see why. The museum houses the intact warship, a catastrophic failure (er ... lesson). billed as the most powerful ship in the Baltic Sea; set sail on 10 August 1628 - only to capsize and sink within minutes. 

The Vasa's scale and ambition grabs you, as does the story of how it went wrong.  Thirty people died, many more were embarrassed, and the ship was lost to the sea for hundreds of years. An amateur archaeologist found it in the 1950s, starting a lengthy process of rescue and restoration. It's now the only example of an entire 17th-century ship ever salvaged. 

At some point on a trip to Stockholm, a traditional Swedish meal to try is the meatball. Made with ground beef and pork served in an egg batter then cooked until golden brown before serving it up alongside mashed potatoes drizzled in gravy topped off by lingonberries for that extra burst of flavour!

A stylish accompaniment to any Swedish meatball feast would be the Dundas Classic Sage...The perfect partnership!

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