Dundas London Size Guide

We know how frustrating it can be when you buy a new piece of clothing in your size and it’s either cut too small or too big. This is why we’ve spent a lot of time working to ensure our hand sewn shirts are the perfect fit for our wonderful customers.
Avoiding the bulk
Our linen and cotton shirts are gently tapered avoiding any bulkiness that makes you look like a kid who’s borrowed their Dad’s.

Everyone’s cup of tea
Our shirts are shaped, but not fitted. A fitted shirt isn’t flattering for everyone now is it…

Even Mr Tickle would be pleased
The long arms on our shirts keep all body shapes and sizes happy - roll them or button them, both will work for you.

From smart to casual
If you haven’t noticed already, our shirts are longer at the back which means they can be worn happily untucked.

Thank us later
The collars on both our brushed cotton and linen shirts are fused and fitted but they have removable collar stiffeners, therefore if you need to pop on a tie, you can.

Don’t forget the buttons
Button’s are often overlooked but they are an important part of any good quality shirt! Ours are doubled whipped and branded with Dundas London.

Becoming an old friend
We believe that linen should look relaxed and loved, and our linen shirts only get better with age.

If you have any queries on sizing - please contact care@dundaslondon.com