The Journey of a Dundas Shirt

Have you ever wondered where and how a Dundas London shirt is made? Well, you’re in luck! We thought that in light of all our efforts to live more sustainably these days, it would be nice for us to go behind the scenes and explain the journey of our shirts to you - from fabric, to factory, to hanging in your wardrobe.
1. Fabric Selection
At the design stage of a new shirt, the Dundas team pick the fabric colours. These are often inspired by nature’s own colour palette, with plants, the sky and the sea often acting as inspiration. Once the colours have been chosen, the fabric, which is either sustainably sourced cotton or linen, is then bespoke dyed by Miray & Ece at a couple of lovely small mills in Turkey.
2. Factory
When the fabric is ready, it is then sent to our factory in Lithuania to be cut, sewn and made into shirts. Ligita and the team cut the pattern and then hand sew each individual shirt into our different sizes. This is where they also add our trademark embroidered flamingo on every shirt.
3. Arriving in England
After the shirts have been hand-sewn into shape, they are sent to our warehouse in England, where they are prepared for delivery. Hard-working Rachel and her tireless team individually wrap up and package every shirt which are then sent out to you, our wonderful loyal customers.